The Revolutionary Influence of Tom Scott and Avantdale Bowling Club in Contemporary Music


The contemporary music scene has been notably shaped by many influential figures and acts, among which the name Tom Scott and his ensemble Avantdale Bowling Club prominently emerges. Their unique stylistic fusion and emotive narrative lyricism have carved an unmistakable niche in the landscape of modern music. This in-depth exploration aims to delve into the artistry and influence of Tom Scott’s musical journey and the psychedelic hip-hop/jazz venture that is Avantdale Bowling Club.

Tom Scott: An Auditory Storyteller

Since the onset of his artistic career, Tom Scott has prominently distinguished himself through his unique narrative-driven music. This storytelling approach essentially humanizes the music, transforming his albums from mere sonic experiences to vivid, emotive narratives. His rapping style, bitten by personal experiences and social realities in New Zealand, has considerably shaped the face of Kiwi hip-hop.

In tracks such as "Years Gone By", Scott delves into personal history, commenting on his maturity as a person and an artist. This confessional approach to music creation is perhaps what makes Scott’s work not just ear-candy, but a soul-stirring experience.

The Evolution of Tom Scott’s Music

Scott’s music was first introduced to the world through his initial band, Home Brew. The group was known for its confrontational, socio-political lyrics that made significant waves in the local music scene. In subsequent years, Scott ventured on with @Peace, offsetting his initially abrasive style with more cerebral, introspective themes.

The music flowed yet into another phase with the formation of Average Rap Band, where Scott and Lui Silk explored more existentialist themes, all the while maintaining the gritty realism of their narrative style. This continual evolution not only showcases Scott’s dynamic creative spirit but also sets the stage for his ultimate music venture: the Avantdale Bowling Club.

Avantdale Bowling Club: A Sonic Renaissance

The formation of Avantdale Bowling Club marked a revolutionary step in Scott’s music journey. While maintaining his thought-provoking, narrative-driven lyricism, this project delves significantly into a rich, multifaceted sound where psychedelic hip-hop meets traditional jazz.

The uncanny merger of these genres not only creates a fresh sonic palette but also underscores the abstract lyrical narratives with a dynamic aural backdrop. Tracks such as "F(r)iends" and "Old Dogs" transport listeners into an alternate, immersive reality, adding a new level of depth to Scott’s storytelling capabilities.

Reception and Influence

Since its formation, Avantdale Bowling Club has enjoyed significant acclaim both domestically and internationally. Their debut self-titled album garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews and was named New Zealand’s best album of 2018 by numerous music critics. The success of this album announces Scott’s dexterous ability to create music that resonates powerfully with audiences across the globe.

Furthermore, the ensemble has been instrumental in propelling New Zealand’s hip-hop and jazz scene to the international forefront. The unique fusion of traditional jazz elements with contemporary hip-hop serves as an influence for emerging artists around the world, moving them to explore unfamiliar territory and push boundaries in their own creative pursuits.


The extraordinary influence of Tom Scott and Avantdale Bowling Club is indeed indisputable. Their assemblage of deeply personal, narrative-driven hip-hop fused with immersive jazz overtones has resulted in a refreshing signature sound that resonates far beyond the shores of New Zealand. By merging separate influences and creating a distinct sense of artistry, they have reaffirmed the boundless possibilities in the exploration of music whilst paving the way for future artists in the genre.

This exploration into the artistry and influence of Tom Scott and the Avantdale Bowling Club that has spanned the frontiers of music collection is a testament to the dynamism of music itself. As the music industry continues to evolve, the legacy and influence of these exceptional artists will undeniably reverberate for generations to come.

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