The Best of the Best: A Detailed Look at the 2000 Billboard Top 100


As we turn the calendar back to the Memorable Musical Year of 2000, it’s evident that chart-topping hits are the lifeblood of the music industry. Welcome to the definitive, in-depth look at the 2000 Billboard Top 100. Rated by sales, radio airplay, and online streaming, these tracks made us dance, made us dream, and most definitely made a statement.

Setting The Scene

The Year 2000 was an exhilarating period, steeped in cultural changes and iconic global events. Music was no exception, with a dizzying array of genres and artists who breathed life into the charts, punctuating the music landscape with a uniqueness that’s still celebrated today.

Diverse Talent

At its core, Billboard’s Top 100 cataloged an extraordinary collection of Immensely talented artists. Ranging from established heavy-weights to promising newcomers, their musical creations dominated the airwaves, crafting a soundtrack of the year that was both eclectic and engrossing.

Climbing The Ladder: The Chart-Toppers

The heart of our exploration roots itself in the multiple Billboard Chart-Toppers. This high-status club of musicians oscillate between various musical genres, providing a delightful smorgasbord of flavors on the sonic palette that crossed all demographics.

Carlos Santana – ‘Smooth’

Leading the pack was the legendary Carlos Santana whose ethereal fusion hit ‘Smooth‘, featuring Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty, snagged the top spot. A wonderful blend of rock and Latin flavors, the song embodies the very essence of dazzling diversity in music.

Destiny’s Child – ‘Say My Name’

The infectious ‘Say My Name’ by the effervescent Destiny’s Child was another chart-topper. It was the perfect amalgamation of their signature R&B sound, underpinned by harmonious vocals demonstrating the exceptional prowess of Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, LeToya Luckett, and LaTavia Roberson.

‘N Sync – ‘It’s Gonna be Me’

Another standout from the 2000 Billboard Top 100 was ‘It’s Gonna Be Me‘ by teen heartthrobs ‘N Sync. The song is an exemplary representation of the boy-band era, with catchy lyrics and foot-tapping pop beats.

The Unforgettable Underdogs

Not just the songs who scaled the charts, but the ones that threaded quietly through the Top 100 deserve mention for their contributions.

Jamelia – ‘Money’

Money‘ by British singer Jamelia, although failed to reach the highest echelons of the charts, was an undeniable earworm, showcasing a refreshing take on R&B, packed with hard-biting lyrics and addictive beats.

Coldplay – ‘Yellow’

At 48 on the chart, ‘Yellow‘ by Coldplay signaled the band’s arrival as serious contenders. The dreamy ballad, laden with emotive lyrics and Chris Martin’s ethereal voice, captured hearts worldwide.


The 2000 billboard top 100 presented a theatre of musical prowess and diversity, each track playing its pivotal part in etching the sonic map of the year. Music, much akin to a time capsule, bottles significant moments into melodic messages. The Billboard Top 100 from 2000 is a perfect testament to this, etching these artists and their music into the annals of cultural history. While we step into a new era, we carry these tunes with us, embarked on a never-ending nostalgic musical journey.

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